Argentinian - 19/11/1966
Lawyer (University of Buenos Aires) (1985-1991).
Postgraduate course: “Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing” - University of Buenos Aires - 2012.
Master course: “Corporate Compliance” - EIS, Madrid, España - 2018.

He worked until 1991 in National Examination Courts of the City of Buenos Aires and since then he has been partner of the KENT Law Firm, counseling in local and federal cases throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic. As an expert in Criminal Law, he practices law in the following fields, among others: Criminal Commercial Law, Criminal Banking Law, Criminal Tax Law, Customs Law, Computer Crimes, Negligent Crimes, Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and Extradition Proceedings.

He counsels not only individuals but also corporations, financial entities and public officials.He participated in: "Seminary on the National Procedural Code Reform Bill", National Department of Justice; “Conference on Procedural Criminal Law”, Argentinean Catholic University; “Master of Arts Program in Conflict Resolution”, International Mediation Institute, USA; “Conference on Reconcilitiation of Laws in the Fight against Narco-criminality”, Honorable National Congress; “Detection and Control of Possible Money Laundering Operations in Banks and Financial Entities”; “Prevention of asset laundering and terrorism financing”; and Conference on “Money laundering and Tax Evasion”, among others.