11/6/1913 - 27/7/1981

At the beginning of his career in the public office, he was Secretary of the Civil and Commercial Court of First Instance no. 2 of the Judicial Department of La Plata (1938-1945) and National Learned Justice of the Peace of Capital Federal in charge of Court no. 23 until October 11th, 1946.

Simultaneously with his professional practice of law, he counseled the Department of Aeronautics and represented it in several conferences of the “International Civil Aviation Organization” (ICAO) as head of the Argentinean delegation in the summits in Brazil, Belgium, Italy, France, the United States and Canada. Subsequently, he was designated Director of Aviation Policy of the aforementioned Department, position he left after having been appointed National Examining Magistrate in charge of Court no. 4 of Capital Federal on May 11th, 1959. He commendably held office until January 31st, 1968. During the unveiling ceremony of the commemorative plaque the National Criminal and Correctional Court of Appeals of Capital Federal authorized to assemble in the Court he was in charge of, former Examining Magistrate Dr. Carlos Arigos gave a speech that portrayed a heartfelt picture of the personality of his colleague, highlighting his virtues as a citizen and as a magistrate. The text that follows is an extract of said speech:  “…I believe that in Kent coexisted harmoniously several characteristics: a solid legal education that, despite lacking academic frills, was based on a generous wisdom acquired not only through books but also through enriching life lessons and the university of hard knocks; a probity that showed the spotless accountability of his decisions and left no room for suspicions; and a bravery that saw no limits when he knew he was right, even in situations in which his life was at risk… As you can see, he was not boastful and he did not bluster in connection with his difficult duty.But he was neither dull nor coward.He thus succeeded in reaching a balance in his personal and professional life that enabled him to act honestly and bravely, always respectful of the Constitution and the Law, in order not to kneel before the unjust and the powerful…”.

And those characteristics pointed out by his colleague are the foundations of the “KENT LAW FIRM” he established in 1968. The wisdom, honesty and bravery he developed during his years as magistrate have been present in his professional practice of law and that of his successors.