The “Kent Law Firm” was founded in 1968 by Dr. Julián Franklin Kent when he retired after having been National First-Instance Examining Magistrate in charge of Court no. 4 of Capital Federal since 1956.

Nowadays, the firm is composed of partners Dr. Jorge Kent and Dr. Santiago Nicolás Kent, son and grandson of the founder, who inherited his wisdom, honesty, bravery and full observance of law, inherent virtues of a reverent and efficient service of justice.

The partners’ continuous training, their years of experience and the dedication of the working group combine in a personalized, high-level service devoted solely to criminal matters under the wide scope of the different branches of criminal law such as Criminal Exchange, Banking and Financial Law, Criminal Commercial Law, Criminal Tax Law, Customs Law, Computer Crimes, Negligent Crimes, Crimes against Honor, Crimes against Trademarks and Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, and Extradition Proceedings, among others.

We counsel and represent not only individuals but also corporations, financial entities and public officials.


The scope of our professional service is not limited to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, but it also extends to local and federal cases throughout the territory of the Republic of Argentina, by means of a network of interconnected offices, and to foreign countries by virtue of bonds created with professionals in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Brazil, the United States of America, Spain, France and Italy.